VEPAG is a wonderful 501 (c)(3) charity worth supporting with your end of the year tax deductible donations!   Be sure to also ask your company about Matching Donations!

Because your support makes all the difference!


VEPAG’s mission is to provide opportunities and accessibility for multicultural artists and their communities, therefore VEPAG will…  

  • provide artists an opportunity to develop, explore and practice their craft

  • view their works in a manner that is inclusive of their cultural heritage and identity

  • hold to the highest standards of artistic excellence in productions

  • provide training for tomorrow’s performers, choreographers, writers, designers, and directors through workshops and seasonal programs

Education is a vital part of our effort to broaden the interests of the artists that we develop.   We also seek to cultivate the audience that supports the productions.   The more people understand what they are experiencing, the more "engaged and supportive" they will be. The result is artist and audience enrichment.   We strongly feel this type of success only comes from the communicative powers that art can bring.